"Weird Al" Yankovic - Fat

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Music video by "Weird Al" Yankovic performing Fat. (C) 1988 Volcano Entertainment lll, LLC

  1. Offensive!!!!!!!! To everything and everyone!! In order to offend no one just make a video of nothing, then nothing will complain that its offended by the nothingness of the nothing there. Lmao! 
  2. This is what Europeans think when they hear the word "America"
  3. Weird Al said that he asked Micheal's permission to do this parody, and not only was Jackson cool about it, but he loaned Weird Al his subway set from "Bad", free of charge.
  4. I think I found Freddy Fazbear
  5. What did Weird Al know back in 1988 when he made this vid/song
  6. Omg that's awesome😂😂😂 You know the funny thing is that it looks exactly like the place MJ filmed BAD..😏
  7. I wish all fat people would die.
  8. MJs Bad is better
  9. my shadow weighs 42 pounds. SCREW LOGIC
  10. This brings me back....
  11. OK , for all of the people that say that this video is offensive to" fat people", CALLING THEM FAT IS OFFENSIVE !
  12. LOl love this shit
  13. +Ᏸøɲηɨε եђპ ค​ɲιmιեяøηιე-ᏰυɲηԿ​​​​™​​​​  I FOUND TOY FREDDY OMG!
  14. there's no way a fat guy can move as fast as that.
  15. If I tell you that I'm Hungry wont you feed my face
  16. MJ version better, than that fatfuck.
  17. Ham on!
  18. You shouldn't make fun of michale jackson!!!😡😡
  19. This is the future of America. It has been explained in 5 minutes.
  20. He who is sick of weird al is sick of life
  21. America in 4:55 mintues. Now we just need a "Greedy" song 
  22. You are lucky michel jacksons not alive
  23. murrica in a nutshell, seriously so many fat disgusting slobs at work
  24. +Todd Malvin delfino desorio is right you are a liberal. Always making new ideas. Not just a liberal. A BIG FU**ING LIBERAL ACTUALLY! OMG!
  25. This video is offensive on so many levels I persoanlly know overweight people and they would not be pleased to see this video and to hear this song. In fact I am starting to get overweight myself and I am quite hurt by the lyrics. Is it so bad that I like to snack late hours into the night and drink a 2 liter bottle of cola ever day. Its my body and I can treat it however I want and people shouldnt make videos like this because it hurts our feelings, yes, "our" feelings; we the ones who are not afraid to eat and drink whatever we want to and not feel ashamed. I can't take this anymore Im going to the kitchen and heating up a hot pocket.