"Weird Al" Yankovic - Fat

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Music video by "Weird Al" Yankovic performing Fat. (C) 1988 Volcano Entertainment lll, LLC

  1. You shouldn't make fun of michale jackson!!!😡😡
  2. +Gray Fullbuster +Tsunayoshi Sawada +Blues XeNotech ((This is +Negi Springfield )) ((P.S skip to 1:10 ))
  3. XD
  4. #sotd #tunesday #weirdalalert the best parody IMO +Terence Towles Canote +Vash Crowley +Gina Drayer +Robert Partridge 
  5. Check out this video on YouTube:
  6. +Bart Baker TAKE NOTES.
  7. Youre butt is white but my mine is too wtf lol
  8. ジャイケルの名曲バットのパロディ。
  9. +Claudia Cassy Crazy jukebox "Weird Al" Yankovic - Fat: http://youtu.be/t2mU6USTBRE
  10. there's no way a fat guy can move as fast as that.
  11. What did Weird Al know back in 1988 when he made this vid/song
  12. MJs Bad is better
  13. Give that man a cookie!
  14. これを見れば、嫌でも、ダイエットできるわね。食欲がなくなった。いいことだ。
  15. If ur fat you shouldn't be watching this video and go take a walk
  16. XDDD OH MY GOD~ 
  17. +Tristan Roby 
  18. i still don't understand those special effects, they're so realistic.
  19. 中秋節飲食要節制喔!來個惡搞歌曲界常青樹,“Weird Al ”Yankovic的【Fat】惡搞Michael Jackson的bad.
  20. Am I the only one who thinks Weird Al looks pretty sexy before he turns fat? XD
  21. Didn't think this particular Wierd Al parody was very good. I didn't like it when Onision did it, don't like it now. This is better than that, since he doesn't sing like shit.
  22. That offensive to fat people but it is funny al hell
  23. Omg that's awesome😂😂😂 You know the funny thing is that it looks exactly like the place MJ filmed BAD..😏
  24. "Just watch your mouth, or I'll sit on you!" ....