"Weird Al" Yankovic - Fat

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Music video by "Weird Al" Yankovic performing Fat. (C) 1988 Volcano Entertainment lll, LLC

  1. #sotd #tunesday #weirdalalert the best parody IMO +Terence Towles Canote +Vash Crowley +Gina Drayer +Robert Partridge 
  2. 4 years old today!
  3. My adblocker got bypassed.. They are getting smarter
  4. "Yo... ding dong man... ding dong... ding dong yo." So classic.
  5. "My shadow weighs a 42pounds." Lol that line always gets me! 
  6. I forgot what song this is a parody for 
  7. Inflation? Where am I, Deviantart?
  8. Real men have curves.
  9. Finally I remember to look up some Weird Al stuff xD After seeing him as Cheese Sandwich in MLP I knew I had to see what I had been missing. I am not disappointed xD This was pretty funny :D
  10. This is what i feel like when im not working out .......:-D:-D
  11. OHMYGOODNESS! OHMYGOODNESS! OHMYGOODNESS! OHMYGOODNESS! I totally forgot how great this was!!!! Plus, it's *Weird Al 1.0* with the curly hair and glasses! Classic! Post-Lasik *Weird Al 2.0* is okay but vintage is vintage. 
  12. And that is how he got his cutie mark. 
  13. So funnt
  14. LOL!!!
  15. This is me in real life dont make fun of me 
  16. =-= this is dumb 
  17. I can remember when bronies didn't exist, ah those were the days...
  19. XDDD OH MY GOD~ 
  20. I've seen Weird Al live. It was probably the most fun I've ever had a concert. He's an amazing performer.
  21. ...whats sad is, this amount of weight is suppose to be so ridiculously comical that no one is suppose to be able to reach it... yet nearly everyday I live in america... I see people that big... 
  22. I feel like ponies are being misjuded, even though I agree they are everywhere, people can give bronies a chance, right? We can all be friends or we can all ignore eachother and play nice, no need to fight and squeel about eachother or start a flame war, it makes the youtube comments boring. Also just to say before any bronies try and flame me down, I am a brony myself, just one with a mind set that everything is equal and nothing is better than anything else, "opinions are good but they shouldn't be taken as an insult nor used as one" - BlocksterBros Alex.
  23. Seems like Weird Al is down with the thickness.
  24. America