"Weird Al" Yankovic - Fat

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Music video by "Weird Al" Yankovic performing Fat. (C) 1988 Volcano Entertainment lll, LLC

  1. If ur fat you shouldn't be watching this video and go take a walk
  2. Fat shaming. How is this amusing
  3. Give that man a cookie!
  4. #sotd #tunesday #weirdalalert the best parody IMO +Terence Towles Canote +Vash Crowley +Gina Drayer +Robert Partridge 
  5. Most 12 years will be listening to Justin beiber or eminem,but not me.I'm the kid that loves to listen to the classics,I'm basically the 80's kid that was born in the 2000's
  6. This isnt funny
  7. Youre butt is white but my mine is too wtf lol
  9. My adblocker got bypassed.. They are getting smarter
  10. What did Weird Al know back in 1988 when he made this vid/song
  11. MJs Bad is better
  12. "Just watch your mouth, or I'll sit on you!" ....
  13. I can remember when bronies didn't exist, ah those were the days...
  14. How many pounds?
  15. What parody of this of? I know its it's Michael Jackson but who?
  16. That hitch hikers guide to the galaxy reference 
  17. Anyone else think its odd that Al looks younger now than he did in the 80's
  18. WHAT!!!!!!!!!! how the hell to you have more likes then views
  19. Am I the only one who thinks Weird Al parodies are better than the real song?
  20. Omg that's awesome😂😂😂 You know the funny thing is that it looks exactly like the place MJ filmed BAD..😏
  21. "I'm too much man for you to take"
  23. This is so stupid.