"Weird Al" Yankovic - Fat

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Music video by "Weird Al" Yankovic performing Fat. (C) 1988 Volcano Entertainment lll, LLC

  1. Offensive!!!!!!!! To everything and everyone!! In order to offend no one just make a video of nothing, then nothing will complain that its offended by the nothingness of the nothing there. Lmao! 
  2. +Ᏸøɲηɨε եђპ ค​ɲιmιեяøηιე-ᏰυɲηԿ​​​​™​​​​  I FOUND TOY FREDDY OMG!
  3. MJs Bad is better
  4. If I tell you that I'm Hungry wont you feed my face
  5. OK , for all of the people that say that this video is offensive to" fat people", CALLING THEM FAT IS OFFENSIVE !
  6. i still don't understand those special effects, they're so realistic.
  7. You shouldn't make fun of michale jackson!!!😡😡
  8. Ham on!
  9. LOl love this shit
  10. The big gang.
  11. You are lucky michel jacksons not alive
  12. Don't make fun of people, especially those who are different in size. 
  13. Someone please help me, I know a few years ago I found a song called Madonna Killed American Pie. I thought Weird Al made but I can't find it any where. It was basically making fun of her recording of the song. It was funny as hell. Can anyone help me
  14. Even though its so offenses I find it funny xD
  15. I think I found Freddy Fazbear
  16. yeah u are fat bitch how dare anybody make fun of mj im not trying to ba a h8ter but this is just mean
  17. im guessing all the 3,643 are all fat people
  18. there's no way a fat guy can move as fast as that.
  19. This is so offensive to chubby people and your making fun of my auntie!!!!
  20. This video is so stupid and dumb I do not like it.
  21. 4:17 everybody needs a woo! sign
  22. looooooooooooooool xD I'm fan of Mj this is so funny ahahahaha
  23. this....this is.... this is weird....................
  24. chugg more hog greese fattie
  25. awesome but how dose he turn so damn fat all the sudden