"Weird Al" Yankovic - Fat

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Music video by "Weird Al" Yankovic performing Fat. (C) 1988 Volcano Entertainment lll, LLC

  1. You've gotta love the people who comment on Weird Al videos, saying how disrespectful his songs are to the original artist. Even Worse (see what I did there), some people think that he did this after MJ died, which is apparently disrespectful. Michael Jackson loved Al's music and style, and he loaned him the damn set of Bad so he could make this video. So Michael was more than approving of the parody.
  2. 4:47 You can see the production assistant who put the mousetrap on his fingers :)
  3. this is the song i wake up too everyday for my alarm
  4. An oldie but a goodie: 
  5. Weird Al said that he asked Micheal's permission to do this parody, and not only was Jackson cool about it, but he loaned Weird Al his subway set from "Bad", free of charge.
  6. That's a lot of belts. I bet he would kick ass in final fantasy.
  7. This is what Europeans think when they hear the word "America"
  8. I was only 9 years old, I loved Weird Al so much. I had all the merchandise and movies. I pray to Weird Al every night before I go to bed, thanking him for the life I've been given. Weird Al is love I say, Weird Al is life. My dad hears me and calls me a faggot, I knew he was just jealous of my devotion to Weird Al. I lay in bed, my face hurts. It's really cold, I feel a warmth moving towards me. It's Weird Al! I'm so happy! He whispers in my ear "Your butt is wide, but mine is too". He grabs me with his powerful fat hands, and puts me on my hands and knees. I am ready, he penetrates my butthole. It hurts, but I do it for Weird Al. I push against his force, I want to please Weird Al. He roars a mighty roar, as he fills my butt with his love. My dad walks in, Weird Al looks him straight in the eyes and says "Better watch yo mouth, or I'll sit on you". Weird Al leaves through my window. Weird Al is love, Weird Al is life.
  9. America in 4:55 mintues. Now we just need a "Greedy" song 
  10. This will always be so much better than "All about that Bass".
  11. did i just watch american reality show O_o must watch whole thing ( michael jackson parody song)
  12. This is just, distributing, Michael let him do this though, he thought the idea was hilarious, I think it's disturbing, I hope he knew how disturbing this it
  13. I blame school for this xD 
  14. "Weird Al" Yankovic - Fat: http://youtu.be/t2mU6USTBRE
  15. This might be a stupid question, but why does he look so different now, it must me more than the hair
  16. Weird Al Yankovic' Fat....Good retro laugh! #retro #funnyvideos #lol 
  17. I guess the 4,309 dislike's must be the skinny people ;)
  18. This is Yama's song!!! 😂
  19. This brings me back....
  20. I love this song, but if he released it today he would have to move to another country and live in a cave. People are too PC these days.
  21. wow! a documentry on the us😄
  22. I'm suddenly hungry.
  23. You ain't fat, you ain't nothin'! YOU AIN'T NOTHIN'!!!
  24. +Mikayela Talley 
  25. NOT ME but epic :)