Weird Cars

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A Photo album of really weird and crazy looking cars.

  1. We can't watch you video. Ads in the center of screen
  2. This song literally gives me suicidal thoughts. 
  3. SOME RİCER......
  4. I WANT THEM ALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. 894 people dont know how to close the white box.
  6. There is seven million views on this shit... What the Fuck.
  7. man dude like 50% of the cars are real. ur pretty dumb not to no that.
  8. i like the shoe car XD
  9. @renAiin if you put it that way then yes, but categorically its still an anime, but Im not going to argue with you as you obviously know better about the subject than I do and I can admit that :)
  10. alot of these cars are fken normal -_-
  11. 0:34 How the hell is a Ferrari 456 GT a weird car? It's a normal 4 door saloon.... You Idiot. and some of the"Cars" are Bikes....
  12. Most of those cars are old classic cars you dumbo!
  13. 0:45 Spongebob's car
  14. not all of them are wierd they r normal
  15. @slim420ification It's not an anime. It's a movie. It's not even drawn in the style of anime, it's a cartoony style.
  16. @renAiin I'm sorry but "My Neighbor Totoro" is an anime movie, just because something is not drawn like naruto or something doesn't mean its not an anime.
  17. that's not weird...Thats just stupid and weird
  18. It's a plane converted into a car
  19. dafuck? how did i get from eminem to this?
  20. That's shark car is HotWheels
  21. the grass car is awesome
  22. looks like parade floats
  23. spongebobs crabby patty car is real!!!
  24. bitch ass translucent square obstructing my view..
  25. @aykayem ... Calm down.. Just click X a few times