Wishery with Lyrics

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The song is composed entirely of various audio bits from the 1937 animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It was created by Pogo. I tried to make out the lyrics (this is my interpretation & "analysis"), and this is the result. Like this video & subscribe to our channel for more amazing videos & cool music! Evolved Game Theory.

  1. Your lyrics are so far off it's retarded 
  2. @barberman311 Nothing's being said, though. Language is infinitely interesting, but making meaning out of something inherently meaningless is an exercise in futility. You don't need to be able to sing along with a song in order for the song to be worthy of listening to. I guess I just don't get people who don't like music without lyrics.
  3. @EvolvedGameTheory oh no i understand i was just letting you know just in cas some people try and yell at you about it.. :p
  4. Is er nu goedverdoemme nergens het origineel te vinden?? Altijd weer die REMIX meuk troep...
  5. You suck, these aren't even right.
  6. Pogo's music dont have lyrics
  7. just one correction... she's not saying Today, she's saying Wu-Tang.
  8. people who listen to pogo for the lyrics have completely missed the point.
  9. @Velourium lol i thought it was - who's there
  10. @javan133 I'll edit it in (as I previously mentioned, I tried doing it without watching the movie at all)
  11. There's my friendly angel, and my seven cheerful cupids.
  12. it's chopped up clips from within the movie, so even though the context of the sentence doesn't necessarily make sense, there aren't going to be words that aren't in the movie... example: 'we are standing by a wishing well' she sings it in the film so why is it any different in the song? rant over... love pogo's music.
  13. @JakariHanma Yeah, I wasn't sure if they were voice sounds or ambient (random noise bits) pieces. "The when you cut me" bit is intended as humor, but like I said I tried to make out the lyrics without re-watching the actual movie. What is he actually saying?
  14. I hear " we are standing final when..."
  15. "Ah ah ah ah ah your dead" "You will know when" "You stink stink stink stink you stink stink stink stink" " Im wishing, im wishing, your dead, we are standing by the wishing well" the rest i don't know XD
  16. In Pogo's music there isn't any lyrics at all. I mean, it is fun to figure out what they could possibly is being said but, his music was never meant to have words. It is usually meant for the visual and how he chop up and remodel the original video to make awesome music out of it!
  17. @EvolvedGameTheory oh no i understand i was just letting you know just in case someone tried to yell at you about it in witch they probably didnt read the description ... :p
  18. just saying on the part where you wrote "we are sending final wish" she actually says "we are standing by the wishing, today" cause in the actual movie she says "we are standing by the wishing well"
  19. @ShuChoMouff I don't think so. We're just trying to have fun. It's fun to make up words and sentences. It's also interesting to see how differently people can interpret what they are hearing. It says a lot about the arbitrary nature of our language and that, without context, it can be hard to determine what is being said.
  20. @ShuChoMouff I don't think that is what this video is about. It's definitely futile but it's fun. I like trying to pick out actual words I recognize from a movie. I can't vouch for the uploader or anyone. I don't know their motivation. Even if I'm listening to other electronic music that doesn't have chopped up words I like to hum to the melody. But here, we do have words even if they are unintelligible. So our mind tries to make sense of it all.
  21. @javan133 it actually sounds like "We are standing by a wishing gay"
  22. @EvolvedGameTheory Pogo just left a comment responding to some one saying that "There are no lyrics, just what you make out of it"
  23. LMAO i thought they had it say the dope man cuz it ketp showin dopey hahaha he got dat work!!!! walkn happy as hell with all those diamonds
  24. hey bro, check out my video on the lyrics of this song, its in the description.
  25. this is called " buffalax" , when you add your interpreted lyrics. I Have videos of both on my page. A Snow White POGO inspired remix, and then a Indian music video buffalaxed. Can you guys please check them out?)