Wonder Girls - 03. Girls Girls

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111106 111107 Wonder Girls - 《Wonder World》 (@ LOEN or JYP)

  1. Son tan maravillosas♥ 
  2. wonder girl i miss you . youre very very good , sing , style, ..... i love you ... i hope you comeback .... 2014 Sohee , Lim , .... Yubin...
  3. wonder girls the best
  4. their best song!
  5. Miss you, WGs
  6. where i can dl this?
  7. So beautiful~
  8. I do not know the meaning of this song, but a good listen to this song Oh!!!
  9. The best and quality album i ever listen ^^ daebak !!
  10. @Theolderlogin i totally agree! i am asian so i get really mad when people say that asian people can never make it in the united states. wonder girls is a very good example.
  11. Just found this song and i love it!!
  12. Such a good night time song :)
  13. @ChangingPhases me too, just heard it yesterday and i love it so much now!!
  14. this song will promote on Thursday in Mnet M Countdown
  16. <3 <3 <3 <3
  17. Song for sunmi -3
  18. I adore this song soooooo much! I looked up the Eng translation ... OMG so inspirational =] Really hope they tour the US and stop in Michigan!
  19. @inochi17 It's this new store called Gen X in dallas. It has nothing but updated fashion clothes for men, women, and children. They have everything up there! :D
  20. I'm just downloading the Album *-* I really Love WONDER GIRLS!!YOU GIRLS ROOOOCK <3
  21. Sunye ah~ , I love u so much ~
  22. the begining part sounds familiar. anyway this is the best song of WGs (to me:)
  23. Sohee *Q*
  24. plz vote for wg on this site kpopbandbattle.wordpress. you can vote as many as you can:) go wonderfuls vote for wg...
  25. @jessanime1908 LOL who, i did too!