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X-Isle is a technologic demo by Crytek (devteam of Far Cry and Crysis on PC) released in 2001 for nVidia. I've capture this video with the demo avalaibe here : http://www.clubic.com/demo-jeux-video-370-0-x-isle-dinosaur-island.html

  1. No, not even 5 years ago it would be normal.
  2. hey on the website i cant read it and when i try to download it says something like login but i want this badly someone help me!!
  3. not anymore
  4. i remember running this "demo" with my old geforce 2 mx comp. quite funny.
  5. Nice, wish they'd release it.
  6. Is it normal to see smoke coming from the back of your computer when running this tech demo?
  7. Probably to show off Texture/Transparency effects.
  8. or never mind i went on a different website and got it.
  9. its unbeleivable cuz this footage is from 2000 :OO
  10. Should Have been released
  11. has someone found out why the dinosaurs turn transparent..?
  12. i mean the game itself
  13. nice demo, i had run it in the past on my geforce 2 mx 32 mb in 2001 :D:D:D, very nice graphics on this time...
  14. I remember playing Jurassic Park Trespasser. Physic engine they implemented in 1998 was a really kicking ass thing.
  15. @TheMoonyeti i have a new real good ati radeon
  16. cant wait for crysis to release a mod like this ;)
  17. I remember Serious Sam made this look old in 2001.
  18. @TheMoonyeti Do you have an Nvidia GFX card? It says in the description "Released in 2001 for Nvidia"
  19. si
  20. I want it too
  21. when i start the benchark it just does nothing...wtf :(
  22. Awesome! It´s so beautiful! By the way, what´s the name of the song? I love it! :)
  23. this is spam and it's annoying