YAGP-Paris 2012. Lada (age 9) won second place, teachers - T. Petrova, V. Kuramshin

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www.balletschool.ru Vladislav Kuramshin's Russian ballet school, Saint-Petersbourg, Russia. 9 years old ballerina Lada Sartakova won second place of YAGP international ballet competition. Teachers - Tatiana Petrova, Vladislav Kuramshin

  1. this is Kitri variation from Don Quixote
  2. Wow. Amazing
  3. Oh my goodness wow great job
  4. Oh my goodness wow great job
  5. She is so beautiful to watch
  6. no matter what if she is still 9 years old she is still so good
  7. she must dance all day every day to be that good by 9 take it down lada
  8. Wow, she's gorgeous and extremely talented! She made this variation look beautiful, especially for a nine year old! My only concern is that she seems like she started pointe very young, and it makes me worry about her feet and how they will develop.
  9. Lada is going to be a star! Anyone who thinks she'll burn out is ust plain wrong. This little girl has the heart and the talent to make it big!
  10. Look up Diana Ionescu. There is a video.
  11. what variation is this?
  12. I really want to watch the first place? where can I see it?
  13. HOLY CRAP! that's amazing for a 9 year old!
  14. She dances so maturely for a nine-year-old.
  15. I started with 26 and Iam on pointe and can do really much- it depends on your love to ballet, your talent and your will to learn and hours of rehearsing. I LOVE BALLET. So glad, that I started!!!!
  16. what variation is this called?? I didnt see it in the description
  17. Awkward, she's so much better than me....
  18. she is AMAZING
  19. Aww beautiful!
  20. Yes
  21. Solamente 9 años de edad, de mucho talento!
  22. Her teachers have said that they will upload the videos of the finals. Let's all be very patient until then!
  23. how long has she been en point ? that footwork can not be on someone who just started.
  24. I like how she "changed" the variation, instead of being flirty, she is cute which is so refreshing as she is only 9 :)
  25. She's amazing en pointe because she's been en pointe since she was like 6! You can see her perform the Cupid variation en pointe when she was around six years old!
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