Yasmin Dancing to Somebody To Love - Justin Bieber

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  1. This a reason why Justin follows you on twitter and why I love you! Your dance is perfect 😍
  2. wow you dance great
  3. I Love It. 👏 #Newidol
  4. Cool, love your dance 😊
  5. Your amazing I dance but Ye lol
  6. Hey (: I'm a new youtuber ! And I just posted a video, and I would be so so so glad if you checked my new video (: thank you 
  7. Wow! Subbed.
  8. Awesome channel! I like that your channel is very fitness and health related.
  9. That's some cool tricks you are doing! You go glen coco -AF
  10. reminds me of 'step up' movies. real skill
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  12. Awesome moves
  13. It's me yasmin sub x
  14. i wish i could move like that .. awesome work ;)
  15. This person has moves suscribe back to my channel guys would help boost suscribe rs
  16. you did gymnastics and dance?! i am so jealous..literally everything ive wanted to do. You are absolutely fantastic 
  17. Whoa you are amazing !!! 
  18. Yours so fuvking good btw ❤️
  19. 1,500 liker
  20. Your really good!!
  21. Great job
  22. Wow 😳 you're amazing ! 
  23. Great hun your moves, I deff love dancing & I can see you do too . Is awaesomeeeeee ..Luvly , can;t wait to see more. <3 LindaaMujerr._
  24. cool 
  25. You are sooo amazing xoxo
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