Yasmin Dancing to Somebody To Love - Justin Bieber

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  1. you did gymnastics and dance?! i am so jealous..literally everything ive wanted to do. You are absolutely fantastic 
  2. Oh Wow, your very talented! This was so good. *^▁^*
  3. You are sooo amazing xoxo
  4. reminds me of 'step up' movies. real skill
  5. hey omg i love justin bieber and this!!!! mind checking out my channel and subscribing and ill do the same?:) xoxoxo
  6. Wow you are amazing!
  7. Great video. :) 
  8. Subbed!! Wondering if you could sub back?
  9. just subbed, thanks for stopping by our channel
  10. Nice 
  11. Loved the video! I'm a dancer and I'm naturally flexible. Sub for sub?
  12. your such an amazing dancer!!!!! omg!!!! wow!!!! so glad you left a comment on my channel!!!!😵
  13. Hey! nice videos! subbed and liked! if you can please comment and like my video and tell me what you think!
  14. shared your video (:
  15. Great hun your moves, I deff love dancing & I can see you do too . Is awaesomeeeeee ..Luvly , can;t wait to see more. <3 LindaaMujerr._
  16. Awesome moves
  17. Hey guys I know these are everywhere but I've just started my own channel and it would mean the world to me if you could check it out and subscribe? (I only have 4 subscribers atm) :( xx thank you! :)
  18. Talented :D
  19. you are good! i like your videos. he is always having contests, i just won a justin bieber singing contest .
  21. You're really good! (: but i don't really think your routine went well with the song... sorry, just an opinion. but you're still really good. haha.
  22. wow when you did those flips i almost fell out of my chair you are amazing! why arent you famous yet ?? :)
  23. my dad and choriographer he would love to have you dance in LA!!! You might be able to dance on your own show write back!!! thanks for the time :)
  24. cool! good job !
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