Yiruma - Kiss The Rain (Full Version)

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2nd album : First love

  1. this song sounds so familiar! does any one know if this song has been featured in a drama or something? or prehaps it's been played somewhere other than an episode of strong heart?
  2. wonderful ! Fisrt love ! 
  3. Nice japanese they are always the best! 
  4. And this is what true music sounds like <3 
  5. A I love you is worth nothing if he(it) is not dictated by your heart
  6. 'Kiss the Rain' soooooo beautiful T.T
  7. Tu trabajo va a llenar gran parte de tu vida, y la única forma de estar realmente satisfecho con él es hacer lo que creas que es un gran trabajo. Y la única manera de hacer un trabajo genial es amar lo que haces. Si no lo has encontrado, sigue buscando. No te detengas. Al igual que con todos los asuntos del corazón, lo sabrás cuando lo encuentres. Y, como cualquier gran relación, sólo se pondrá mejor y mejor, conforme los años pasen. Así que sigue buscando hasta que lo encuentres. No te detengas. Steve Jobs
  8. Im sure this is in a studio ghibli film
  9. Супер! Мне очень нравится)
  10. Добро !
  11. the only sound for you & me forever
  12. ♥ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♥
  13. yurima, nope yiruma
  14. Yiruma
  16. i love this song
  17. Good
  18. He is often misunderstood as a japanese but he is korean who is the famous pianist. his name means achieve the dream.
  19. Cuando estoy deprimida y ay! mi alma tan cansada, Cuando los problemas llegan y mi corazón está repleto, Entonces, me quedo quieta y espero aquí en el silencio, Hasta que tú llegas y te sientas un rato conmigo. Tú me levantas, para que pueda pararme sobre las montañas. Tú me levantas, para caminar sobre los mares tormentosos. Soy fuerte, cuando estoy sobre tus hombros. Tú me levantas: A más de lo que puedo estar. Fin de la conversación
  20. how u could dislike this adoreable music???? u r monster if u dislike! 
  21. Before you ignore me please just give me a chance My name is Adam, I play the piano and make piano covers. I started getting serious with youtube November of 2012 because that’s Great challenge to myself.I am studying medicine, but my dream was to become a professional pianist. Youtube helps me keep up to practice the piano. If you can please give my music a chance and Thumbs this comment up so more people can see it I swear I'll appreciate it. Subscribe if you want. Thanks to Everyone
  22. Yiruma is korean pianist. Not japanese 
  23. Hey everyone! Yiruma has been my inspiration for songwriting for about three years now. I am so excited for his next album because I know that it will be amazing. I’ve posted a few covers on my channel, and most recently a cover of “Space Dementia!” Maybe sometime if you get the chance, you could check them out and tell me what you think. It would mean the world to me! Thank you so much for reading! ~Kara
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