Yiruma - Kiss The Rain (Full Version)

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2nd album : First love

  1. Like it !
  2. Nice japanese they are always the best! 
  3. Hi !! This is a video of Yiruma, my favourite pianist. I LOVE this song, it's soul touching.
  4. This is the sweetest piano song ever amazingly done
  5. *Kiss the Rain,** Yiruma* *Sometime you have a day such as I had today—full of peace and happiness and thankfulness, and as part of it, I heard this piece played.* *ps.** I wish for you a day like today!* #music #piano #verben 
  6. Yiruma is the best ♥ I love him ♥♥
  7. Kiss the rain, the first song of Yiruma I hear for the first time 5 years ago and..I still love it ! Yiruma has changed my vision of what is "music", he taught me the happiness of sharing your own feelings through a simple melody with a piano..
  8. good @.@
  9. master playing the piano. I still do not know how :)
  10. Brilliant... soothing music... I love this, also
  11. Dayum this is good
  12. Love this Piano Music! This song is just Beautiful! <3
  13. crying my heart :'(
  14. he is korean? or japanese? lol 
  15. my lullaby music for my toddler 
  16. love this
  17. very talented lad
  18. Its hurts ... :(
  19. true talent....
  20. bring my soul to heaven.... I love to enjoy!
  21. Pure and creative
  22. Romantic and amazing! 
  23. First time I've heard of this guy! Are these original compositions? Neo-Classical, such beauty :)
  24. So beautiful--comparing to a beautiful garden of your soul!
  25. nice good for reflection