Yiruma - Kiss The Rain (Full Version)

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2nd album : First love

  1. hay quá luôn.... ^^
  2. how u could dislike this adoreable music???? u r monster if u dislike! 
  3. Kiss The Rain Przepraszam, że znowu Yiruma ale to jest piękna, pełna wersja :)
  4. Nice japanese they are always the best! EDIT: after getting over 50 replies I decided to spoil something to you guys, Im KOREAN you dicksuckers hahaa
  5. this song sounds so familiar! does any one know if this song has been featured in a drama or something? or prehaps it's been played somewhere other than an episode of strong heart?
  6. Lovely music....you feel it deeply into your heart!
  7. <3
  8. Yiruma - Kiss The Rain (Full Version): http://youtu.be/jCSe66pWNmc
  9. Grande Yiruma, sigue así, tu música nos llena a todos.
  10. Yiruma you are the best i want play how you thank by create new songs. Yiruma eres el mejor algun día quisiera tocar como tu
  11. Im sure this is in a studio ghibli film
  12. I know..making some add for my channel, but else I Don't know how I should do.. I am a very Big fan of Yiruma So please Have a look at my cover ! Thanks
  13. 1 love yiruma
  14. very good
  15. I cry when I hear this its amazing
  16. 고요하고 아름답네♥♥~~
  17. *sad
  18. So beautiful--comparing to a beautiful garden of your soul!