Yiruma - Kiss The Rain (Full Version)

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2nd album : First love

  1. Yiruma - Kiss The Rain (Full Version)
  2. I always listen to Time Forgets and this song when I am upset and I need something to relax. It makes me feel so much better.
  3. People disliked it wether it is good. Because of their INSECURITIES!.. They don't really appreciate something like this.you should be ashame.
  4. *E più l'ascolto e più mi piace ....*
  5. this song sounds so familiar! does any one know if this song has been featured in a drama or something? or prehaps it's been played somewhere other than an episode of strong heart?
  6. It sounds a bit like a Dutch song.. .. I think Dutch people will know what I mean "maar ik wou graag dat ik jou was, gewoon een keertje jou was.."
  7. Nice japanese they are always the best! EDIT: after getting over 50 replies I decided to spoil something to you guys, Im KOREAN you dicksuckers hahaa
  8. How can people dislike this video I am very curios ? The real music is playing. 
  9. beutifull song? <3
  10. I hope somebody will offer me an album of Yiruma. Hihihihihihihi. But seriously I love Yiruma. He plays really well
  11. And this is what true music sounds like <3 
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  14. Lovely music....you feel it deeply into your heart!
  15. Yiruma - Kiss The Rain (Full Version): http://youtu.be/jCSe66pWNmc
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  17. So beautiful--comparing to a beautiful garden of your soul!
  18. nice good for reflection
  19. kiss the rain, with rain at the same time... /watch?v=Jtbrboks0RE
  20. He's playing too fast, it sounds so much better when it's slower, NO HATE
  21. Just love this piece so much :') I rmb watching a movie and this piece was played at sad parts... Really made me feel like crying..
  22. fuck racists ...
  23. merci manu pour ce joli moment
  24. i'd rather kiss the rain than set fire to it
  25. ㄲㄲ