Yiruma - Kiss The Rain (Full Version)

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2nd album : First love

  1. Yiruma - Kiss The Rain (Full Version): http://youtu.be/jCSe66pWNmc
  2. *E più l'ascolto e più mi piace ....*
  3. Wow. I didn't think it would be this good. It touches my heart every time, EVERY SINGLE TIME *crying* This song just makes me think of the past and how great or horrifying the future can be. I don't know where that came from, but Yiruma is the BEST. Please don't listen to those songs that don't really mean anything to you, listen to songs that will touch your heart. <3 #KissTheRain 
  4. the Japanese really have a distinct style.. it's like cheesy melodies that somehow still really touch you ^^ reminds me a bit of the "Spirited Away" pieces
  5. muero por tiiiii
  6. And this is what true music sounds like <3 
  7. Yiruma - Kiss The Rain (Full Version)
  8. this song sounds so familiar! does any one know if this song has been featured in a drama or something? or prehaps it's been played somewhere other than an episode of strong heart?
  9. Very beautiful, This song bought a tear to my eye. Kiss The Rain makes me feel at peace.
  11. Nice japanese they are always the best! EDIT: after getting over 50 replies I decided to spoil something to you guys, Im KOREAN you dicksuckers hahaa
  13. when i listening things song, make me feel peace... no matter what happened.. thanks yiruma :))
  14. ахуенно
  15. Love this song..make me cry every time I listen to it...So melancholic and sad :'( Such a beauty...
  16. I always listen to Time Forgets and this song when I am upset and I need something to relax. It makes me feel so much better.
  17. Yiruma - Kiss The Rain (Full Version): http://youtu.be/jCSe66pWNmc
  18. 1 love yiruma
  19. te recuerdoooo julitoooo
  20. It sounds a bit like a Dutch song.. .. I think Dutch people will know what I mean "maar ik wou graag dat ik jou was, gewoon een keertje jou was.."
  21. Formidable 
  22. Please check out my cover on my channel! 
  23. beautiful very very beautiful almost made me cry
  24. How can people dislike this video I am very curios ? The real music is playing. 
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