Young Jeezy - And Then What ft. Mannie Fresh

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Music video by Young Jeezy performing And Then What. (C) 2005 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. the dead air censorship is fucking bizarre considering how i'm supposed to be enjoying this with my ears
  2. Young Jeezy - And Then What ft. Mannie Fresh:
  3. half this song is edited lol, half ass attempt at saving somebody from ignorance
  4. Young jeezy looks like a turtle 
  5. This video is an exercise in unnecessary censorship.
  6. Man, I loved this Jam as a kid! #ElementarySchoolJamz #nostalgia 
  7. Thumbs up for the 3 words not censored. There are videos with real people being beaten unconscious, others where people make violent threats to other people they don't like their opinion of but some swear words in a music video need to be censored. Jeeez(y)
  8. Young Jeezy - And Then What ft. Mannie Fresh:
  9. U. S. D. A. = United States Department of Agriculture
  11. I really hope people know who Mannie Fresh is. Dude is a living legend.
  12. why in fuck play this video? They muted the whole fuckin song?
  13. dat censorship?
  14. patty cake, patty cake....MICROWAVE!!!
  15. snapper turple or elliote wonde what see the last tyme he saw stevie she was white and stevie moved his head side to said why she said this way and saw that why io wwas let it that left eye cause that the eye was lost see be hind was the winking eye say see wen you said she said why do i need two shit i see whith all heart see so if u now we side with what a sterio real loud ....................... super heavy down that hwy way with way 610 70 miles down that free way that how see then what get off at kings valleys where are ranch stays hidden mr boby peri---------------dusee aye gibston. jhat 
  16. Who is the girl?
  17. Manny Fresh lookin like a retarded turtle
  18. It's pretty hood wham they blank out "microwave" along with half of every verse and the rappers nickname. As if he the first one to reference crack or drug dealing. Mannie Fresh still fly! Snowman got that stylish smooth flow. Good team.
  19. Mix - Young Jeezy:
  20. jeezy face was so fat lol
  21. Is this before they let white girls into their vids? 
  22. this back when no one liked VEVO because they censored the music lol
  23. ? is it Very Evil Video Organization or not? 
  24. Anybody remember seeing these old vids on 106 and Park