Young Jeezy - And Then What ft. Mannie Fresh

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Music video by Young Jeezy performing And Then What. (C) 2005 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  1. Young jeezy looks like a turtle 
  2. Manny Fresh lookin like a retarded turtle
  3. dat censorship?
  4. Man, I loved this Jam as a kid! #ElementarySchoolJamz #nostalgia 
  5. patty cake, patty cake....MICROWAVE!!!
  6. Back when bitches in hip hop music videos were actually beautiful 
  7. the dead air censorship is fucking bizarre considering how i'm supposed to be enjoying this with my ears
  8. half this song is edited lol, half ass attempt at saving somebody from ignorance
  9. downvote for censorship.
  10. i like all YOUNG JEEZY SONGS
  11. why in fuck play this video? They muted the whole fuckin song?
  12. U. S. D. A. = United States Department of Agriculture
  13. Is this before they let white girls into their vids? 
  14. ? is it Very Evil Video Organization or not? 
  15. It's pretty hood wham they blank out "microwave" along with half of every verse and the rappers nickname. As if he the first one to reference crack or drug dealing. Mannie Fresh still fly! Snowman got that stylish smooth flow. Good team.
  16. This video is an exercise in unnecessary censorship.
  18. so much the song is cencisred you cant even play the song 
  19. 2000s was attack of the lightskins and caramels every music vid was full of them girls
  20. best of the best tracks ever ...... then what Mannie fresh on the beats TRACK IS JUST HOT 
  21. this back when no one liked VEVO because they censored the music lol
  22. I love this song, when it is UNEDITED! Am I wrong or is this false advertising 
  23. Who is the girl?
  24. Fat jeezy the best jeezy!!