Sneha Sagarame.. A Beautiful Malayalam Christian Song!!

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HI friends .. do rate it and comment it...its another beautiful malayalam song ..

  1. I love this song....anybody noticed, the music starts with the tone of Sankh naadam...The soul of this song is its Music, with Rich n beautiful orchestra...the orchestra arranged by Anchal Udayakumar...Soulful Singing too....!!
  2. Thanks friends for your comments. This is Dr.George Varghese from Kollam (presently in Oman). This song was written and composed by me and sung by Senu in Maramon convention 1999. For those who wanted the third stanza, here is it: 'Sreshtamaam Ninnude jeevitha bhavangal Jeevanilennum mathrukayaakanam Yeshuve neeyennil anudinam valaranam Njaano kuranjidanam Yeshuve neeyennil vilangidanam'
  3. This is one of a song which has good music and a good feel inside it. Its rare to get such Christian devotionals in Malayalam. It seems that you know the singer Senu Thomas. I would be happy if you can give me his contact details. It would be a pleasure for me to talk to him. Thanks, Ebie
  4. This is a Maramon convention Song I believe... Anyway It's superb.Thanks for Uploading..
  5. wow i remember this...i love the song..
  6. Where can I get karaoke of this song?
  7. one of my favourite song
  8. mmmm i jus luv this song.....One among the most heartwarming & meaningful one,sung by the most adorable blessed talented singer Mr Senu Thomas (our senu achachen). A bit old song but ever hit.........may god bless him n all who hears dis song...
  9. nice song..Thanx
  10. A special Thanks to the person who posted this song in you tube
  11. Thank you for the song its my favourite. But would anyone know where I could get the complete song as there is one more Para to it. Please help
  12. Sung by Senu Thomas. Good song
  13. beautifully sung!!GOD BLESS.
  14. I love this u have alivullah hridayam sung by unnikrishanan?its a christian song.
  15. Gud one.. God bless dear..
  16. one of my favorite song...