احلى اغنية وطنية قديمة الكل بحبها كتييييييير

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يا ولاد حارتنا يوووووووووووويا

  1. omer sinai you told someone you were arguing with that his/her historical facts were wrong then what about yours crazy ?? You are saying if we were smart !!! Ohh actually we are waiting for you to decide if we are smart !! Go read sone books crazy we Palestinians defended our land till now we are defending it ignorant stupid you before israel state was declared the British mandate had been ruling you dont know those historical facts ??? It was Palestine as There were Lebanon and Syria and ..... stupid go read some books
  2. http://youtu.be/XzwcF36Qdss
  3. raw3a
  4. حتى لا ننسى
  5. يا ولاد حارتنا
  6. never thought that BBC is an arab source... :)
  7. صل على رسول الله ويا نقول كلمة طيبة يا نسكت احسن ومصر ستكون بخير ولن يكون بها ما قد تتوهمه ان شاء الله
  8. موطن الاحرار وزمن لرجال وبلد الطهاره والشهداء سجل يا تاريخ 67 سنه وما راح نزهق هي وطنا والله لو لونه وغيره وقاسو وقصره فيها وطنه فلسطين الاحرار
  9. اللهم العن ال سلول و محور الشر الرياض - تل ابيب - واشنطن اللهم امين
  10. 5. Oslo agreement failed since Arafat & Hamas saw this agreement as a step in their Stages theory to destroy Israel (خطّة المراحل), rather than make real peace with the Jewish state. In Camp David 2000, Arafat said NO to President Clinton's offer for peace & establishment of a Palestinian state. Soon after Arafat & Hamas started the 2nd bloody Intifada.
  11. الله ينصر فلسطين على هالمعتدين
  12. اللهم حرر فلسطين وفرج على إخواننا في سوريا ومصر وسائر بلاد المسلمين
  13. B- لماذا جبل العربي على أذية أشقائه والحرص على أستفزازهم وتحقيرهم ؟! وهذا بحد ذاته لكبيرة من الكبائر سيما أن كانت بالقذف والسب والتعريض بأعراض المحصنات الغافلات ! أوليس الولاء والبراء هما من مقومات العقيدة الصحيحة الحقة الناصعة ؟! كيف يتجرأ سفهاءنا على جنود الرحمن المرابطين في سبيله والذابين عن حياض الأقصى المبارك الذين شرفهم الله بسدنة بيته الشريف ؟!
  14. يسلمو حبيبي :)
  15. regarding your opinion about Arab soldiers, you may know this very well , the liberation not necessary will come by armies. it comes from Arab nation , Arab people, the solider is trained to listen to his boss, while the Arab people will do anything to have the chance to participate in fighting enemies. what i'm saying is that , Arab countries are now separate internally and externally due to several reasons and for this , but Arab union is something that will come.
  16. La chanson m'ha beaucoup touchée, grand salut et respect du Maroc à la resistance arabe, specialement la Palestinienne. InchALLAH arrivera le jours que le peuple arabe sera réunit sous un seul drapeau, je t'aime PALESTINE
  17. Maybe we do need Iran, that is if we want to liberate our land like the Hezib did in Lebanon, they turned their back to the Arab, except for Syria, and followed the Iranians so they liberated their COUNTRY. To be fair, the Palestinians did a lot, they put their faith in the Arab countries, USA, England, Russia, Israel, ...etc. and they are still hopping, that way they will be hopping as Earth being destroyed on the last day.
  18. 3- listing syria , egypt , libya and iraq examples : in each revolutions there has to be blood , what a revolution aims for is giving rights , freedom and equility to society members , so when the "good" face the "Bad", the bad will use anymethod and the good will sacrafice. there were many killed people in American , french ,Russian and British revolutions , after that , those countries are ruling the world after revolutions. France and GB had 100 year war,does this make them blood thirst ?
  19. So Basically what you saying is: 1. The Peace of Israel, Egypt & Jordan is temporary. 2. The entire Arab countries, from Morocco to Kuwait sooner or later will unite to one Arab nation, just in order to build a huge army 3. Go to a liberation war to free Palestine from the river to the sea, and expel all the jews from it. My answer is: The Arab imagination is known around the world as exaggerated.
  20. هنرجع باذن الله الي فلسطين و انحررها من قتلة اﻻنبياء
  21. ااااخ على الفلسطينية ,طول عمرنا مسخمطين
  22. اخوي في الزمن هذا لا يوجد دين بل يوجد ولكن قليل ءءء يعني تجد المنافقين من هنا وتجد الفاسدين وهل الدعاره من هنا ءءء بعدين يطلع هل الطواف مثل الروفض ثم الوهابيه مادري مين بعد حبيبي فلسطين ماتحرر الي في زمن المهدي والله يعلم ان شاء الله تحررر ءءءء تحياتي الك والي الكويت الحبيب اخوك ابراهيم فلسسطين
  23. اذا كان ابوك عايش الله يلعنو...واذا كان ميت يلعن روحو في قبرو على هيك تربية ويلعنك انت وحكام العرب لانك وسخ زيهم...وللعلم احنا صامدين في ارضنا...والي طلعو طلعو تحت القصف والرصاص...والصراع على القدس واحد زيك اقل بكتير من انو يفهمو يا وقح
  24. من ايامها بلشنامفاوضات
  25. who said the conflict is with the Jews you idiot? Zionism is the problem, racist racist ideology produces idiots like you.
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